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Sequences of Inscribed Polygons

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Sequences of Inscribed Polygons.

Interesting Blog — just click the link and enjoy as Michael Pershan describes the process of exploring (or noodling –as he says). I too seek to provide students with the joyful experience of really “doing” mathematics, often by challenging them with competition level problems and hoping that they will begin exploring on their own. Keep up the great work, Micheal!

Reverse Thinking

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Reverse Thinking — Clever Palindrome

I really enjoyed this cleverly presented bit of wisdom and lovely palindrome. Do you need to reverse your thinking?  I sure do on occasion and this was a reminder, received with gratitude.

Tag A Giant — TED Talk

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Tuna Flume
Image by kqedquest via Flickr

Barbara Block and her Tag A Giant project are well known to folks at Duke Marine Lab, where I work.  It was fantastic to see her talk and I encourage you to take 20 minutes to see how technology is shaping our view of the oceans and [finally] contributing to our knowledge.  Perhaps some day in the near future we will put to rest the fact that “we know more about the surface of Mars, then about our very own oceans”.  Thanks to Barbara and other ocean scientists.

Oceans Map Alexandre Van de Sande, 2004.
Image via Wikipedia
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