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If We Are The Body…

In Category5Ministries, Christian Education, Life and living on 29 October 08 at 4:47 pm

Listening to a local talk radio station, I heard a troubling story.  On a call in program called Let’s Talk Legal, a Vietnam Veteran named Tony said he was diagnosed with symptoms stemming from exposure to agent orange.  He had lost use of his legs and found some help through a great local veteran’s administration agent.  However, he was still in need of handicap access modifications for his bathroom and for one other door in his house.   I thought it very sad to hear him call in to  Let’s Talk Legal and ask about pursuing legal representation.

If we are the Body of Christ (calling all Christians), why aren’t our hands working to provide for this man?

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Has no one in the Church heard of his need?  I’ll pursue this and see if I can get our local churches to help Tony get his bathroom modified.  Though I am a lousy fixit guy, I can sure swing a hammer.

  1. I’m glad to see I inspired you to start blogging Ed. It is kind of addictive once you truly dive into this and you start building communities and connecting with other like minded bloggers. I’m and art guy and math has always been really difficult for me – I’m glad to see teachers like you “out there” passionate about their subjects because if we are not enthusiastic about what we teach how do we expect our students to get interested in it and want to learn from us. If you need help finding someone to assist that Vietnam Vet call on me. I am a Vet and will make some calls at my church and we can help this patriot out. cheers! Patrick


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