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Snow in NC

In Life and living on 22 January 09 at 3:01 pm

For all my family and friends:  You know we get very little snow in Eastern North Carolina and when we do, it is a big deal.  Most “things” generally come to a stand still with just a weatherman’s mention of snow or ice;  school’s close, events are canceled, stores are stripped of milk and bread, etc.   Perhaps this is because we are not very well prepared in terms of snow removal equipment and large stockpiles of salt and dirt to spread on our roads, or perhaps it is because the rare snow fall blankets and transforms our normal view of the world.  I prefer to focus on the latter.  The neighborhood suddenly looks pure and clean and Holy.

Home Snow 21Jan09

Home Snow 21Jan09

It is worthwhile to pause occasionally just to appreciate the beauty which surrounds us.  This rare blanket of snow in Morehead City, provided an opportunity for my family to pause and enjoy the freshness, the brisk, refreshing air of this moment  — before we all got cold and ran inside to sit by the fire in the fireplace.

Morehead City Snow

Morehead City Snow


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