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LaTeX generates visits

In LaTeX on 23 January 09 at 9:40 am

Hello World!

It seems that this is the standard phrase used by folks who are testing html code or simple functionality of LaTeX packages, etc.   So, it seems appropriate to this short post.  I am finding the whole “blog” experience rather interesting.  It does help to keep me motivated and provides a review tool to check my level of focus or monitor my broad and wavering interests.  I have also been surprised to find that the greatest interest, based on traffic to this blog, has been about LaTeX.  With this in mind, I’ll post more about my LaTeX experience to test the real interest level out “there”.

A caveat — I consider myself to be a complete novice and still struggle — anyone who is really proficient will likely cringe at my coding 😉   Since, I think it is a worthwhile effort and strangely satisfying…I’ll throw some examples and commentary out soon.

To all LaTeX novices — let’s have some fun.

TeX Lion

TeX Lion


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