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Decision Making

In Christian Education, Ed Does Math on 22 May 09 at 8:10 am

Well I have come to really admire the work of Dan Ariely and want to share another of his TED talks. Meta-cognition is a key component of my educational philosophy and a frequent subject of mini-lectures when addressing students who are struggling with grasping a topic or struggling in a particular discipline. So, when Dan Ariely talks about our irrational decision making, my interest in piqued. This talk has obvious implications for marketing and I am currently wondering how these ideas might apply to education and pedagogy.

Link to Dan’s Video

Note: the quick and easy method to posting TED video’s was not available for this one…or this silly blogger could not quickly find the right TED id # … anyway the link is active and worth the “click”…[22 May 09]

Note2: the quick and easy method was available…this silly blogger found the right TED id# 😉 [19 June 09]