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Keeping Up With Students

In Life and living on 31 August 09 at 11:45 am

One of the absolute joys of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students is in following their successes after they have moved on. I spent some time working with Patrick McCammond, who needed a little boost with his mathematics. He has gone on to great success in the academy and has become a solid leader and an exemplary young man. I recently received the following picture of Patrick on the rocket team (SMAW) in Combat Town at Quantico– this is a guy with honor and integrity, with whom I would trust my life.

Semper fidelis!




What Blaze was born to do!

In Uncategorized on 30 August 09 at 8:27 pm

My dog, Blaze, is an Austrailian Shephard who would love this job

Wood Binary Adding Machine

In Ed Does Math on 28 August 09 at 4:39 pm

This is so cool. I love hands on math that this neat video of a wooden binary adding machine represents. My father made me a set of Napier “Bones” which I still cherish and I have used wooden tablets with stone counters for adding Roman Numerals and an abacus just for the tactile experience with mathematics.

Social Media Revolution

In Life and living, Technology on 28 August 09 at 3:50 pm

Important data/information/numbers for educators, evangelists, and marketers alike.
This YouTube video is geared toward using social media to reach people with the Gospel.

String Music

In Music on 26 August 09 at 2:54 pm

I so want a big ‘ole stand up acoustic double bass. Of course, being able to play it like Edgar would be a plus ūüôā Check out this trio — Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Conner

MyStudents Need to Know

In Christian Education, Technology on 18 August 09 at 11:50 am

Wolfram|Alpha vs  Google ?

No –> complementary tools

Screenshot by
Wolfram|Alpha is a computational engine

Sometimes tech journalists will call a new service a Google killer even when it’s not a search engine. That’s the case with Wolfram|Alpha. It’s easy to confuse Wolfram|Alpha with a search engine. It has a field into which you type a query and it searches its database for answers. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Search engines provide users links to Web sites that presumably hold information the user wants. Wolfram|Alpha consults an enormous database to bring data directly to the user. You won’t receive a list of links when you execute a query on Wolfram|Alpha. Instead, you’ll be greeted with charts and graphs populated with data related to the keywords you entered.

This makes Wolfram|Alpha a very powerful research tool. Wolfram|Alpha employees vet all the information included in the database. They pull data from established and accepted resources. You can use Wolfram|Alpha to compare two subjects within the same category. Want to see if a Big Mac is healthier than a Whopper? Use Wolfram|Alpha to compare the nutritional information.

Because Wolfram|Alpha pulls back data rather than links, it’s not in direct competition with Google. You should use Wolfram|Alpha if you need to know information about a specific concept. You should use Google if you want to read the latest news on the subject, find a product review or just browse.

Decyfer Down

In Life and living, Music on 18 August 09 at 8:56 am

A good friend is seeking support for ministry.¬† Josh Oliver, who I have known since he was a little guy, singing and playing with his family at Open Door Baptist Church in Morehead City, NC, is currently the drummer for Decyfer Down, a great Christian band.¬† Decyfer Down has accepted this calling on their lives — to spread the gospel of Christ with music.¬† Their style is powerful and reaches out to many would might not ever step into a church building.¬† They are preparing for another tour and desparately wish to bring their wives and kids along on this mission trip.¬† Please read the following request from Josh and respond generously!

You can contact Josh directly — ¬† Email:¬†¬† or leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you with additional details.

This is a new season for Decyfer Down as many incredible opportunities have
been given to us including a 53 city tour this fall from coast to coast.
We are writing you to ask if you would partner with us as we raise the
funds for new transportation.

In the past 10 years we have gone through 4 vans and over 800,000 miles of
driving, and as we approach this new chapter we have been given an amazing
opportunity to step into a Prevost Coach that has all the right amenities
and sleeping for 12 people.  Moving from a van to a bus is a huge step,
so we have been praying about it for the past 3 months with the
accountability partners in our lives. We have experienced numerous trials,
but also many amazing acts of God as we toured around the country sharing
the message He has given us.
God has provided us a class A CDL driver, full time mechanic and even a
parking place in just a short period of time for the bus.

We would love to take our wives and kids out on the road with us to
experience the lives touched with us.  As the ministry grows so does our
into many different communities, and the option to show up in these cities
fully rested would be an amazing feeling!

We also envision taking young men from the local community on the road for
short trips . We believe that mentoring and being an example for them
would really challenge them to live a faith filled life .

We have partnered with a bus ministry out of Nashville TN and we are
looking to raise funds to purchase the bus shown in the attachments listed

We are trying to raise $75,000 dollars for the bus and $25,000 dollars for
a bus fund and trailer.

A tax deduction through our non-profit partner is available .

We also would like to offer anyone or church that is willing to donate
$6,000 dollars or more… a special offer of:
1)      Free private Decyfer Down concert
2)      Vip Tickets to Decyfer Down Affiliated events (tours or festivals)
3)      A day in the studio as we record album number 3

Please hear our heart and pray that God will continue to use us and expand
the ministry and the calling that he has in our lives.  We look forward in
sharing with you how many hearts and lives have been greatly changed as we
continue this journey.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
on this opportunity ……

Decyfer Down - seeks support for this tour bus

Decyfer Down - seeks support for this tour bus

Wordle Ideas

In Christian Education, Technology on 11 August 09 at 9:43 am

Pastor Mark Driscoll

In Christian Education, Life and living on 8 August 09 at 11:57 am

One of AMiA’s newest consecrated Bishops, Doc Loomis shared this video on Facebook and I just wanted to pass it along.¬† Members of my family have fallen prey to the “prosperity” gospel at times and Mark’s perspective is important.¬† So much of what Joel proclaims is Truth; we are children of an amazing God, our hope and faith in His power and authority and grace is well founded, He desires to bless us [though not in the way we might “want” or think we “deserve”], … ¬† And yet Joel is wrong to equate “victory” with health, wealth and joyful relationships.¬† In fact, as Mark clearly points out, this definition of “victory with Christ” would paint a picture of Christ¬† Himself as a failure.¬† One other thought:¬† Another extreme and false position is also possible.¬† One can accept sin and pain and poverty as one’s “lot in life” and stop striving to live fully in God’s will, to develop His giftings and serve His people, allowing others to see the Christ alive and working within them.¬† Are wealth and prosperity and good health sinful in and of themselves?¬† Of course not!¬† But when they become idols or goals which are elevated to higher importance than following Christ, they hinder our walk with Him.¬† When they become a measure of our “victory”, they blind us to the real victory of¬† knowing and sharing the love of Christ.¬†¬†¬†¬† Watch the video — and share your thoughts.

Life After High School

In Christian Education, Life and living on 7 August 09 at 8:57 am

As I get ready to send my son away to college, a wave of emotions floods over me.¬† I am excited for him and the opportunities he has for learning and growth.¬† I am slightly anxious concerning the parenting job I have done — have I really prepared him for this new independence?¬† We have talked together and I had him create a list of¬† stuff he still wants to know or do before heading off to school.¬† The list was eclectic and included a few things I can’t believe I have not shown him yet.¬† For example, changing a tire and a few other basic car maintenance tasks and maintianing financial records and a budget.¬†¬† We have checked¬† much off the list and I will cover the following this weekend:¬†¬† [ a bible study I glanced at from Christianity Today magazine provides the outline]


Are you or someone you know nearing the end of their high school career? If so, you know that there are many decisions right around the corner. Help them prepare with this Bible study course intended to focus on issues such as new friendships, spiritual growth, and a healthy lifestyle.

The following 7-session course will help you and your group discuss questions on how to prepare for life after high school such as:

  • What‚Äôs exciting about life after high school? What makes you nervous?
  • What would be the result of treating the Bible like a buffet from which you could pick and choose truths, versus accepting the whole as God‚Äôs Word?
  • Whom do you look to as a model of belief? Have you ever met or known a Christian who gave Christianity a bad reputation?

Session One

Rediscovering God
How to experience God the way he intended it.

Session Two

New Friendships
Experience life with frienships that matter.

Session Three

Romantic Relationships
How to receive and give love the way God intended.

Session Four

Tell Your Story
How to recognize and share your story effectively.

Session Five

A Healthy Body
Unlike a human gadget, your body was designed by God!

Session Six

Calling and Purpose
Living a life that points upward and beyond you.

Session Seven

Rest and Relaxation
Embrace God’s command to enjoy the Sabbath through fellowship and himself.