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Life After High School

In Christian Education, Life and living on 7 August 09 at 8:57 am

As I get ready to send my son away to college, a wave of emotions floods over me.  I am excited for him and the opportunities he has for learning and growth.  I am slightly anxious concerning the parenting job I have done — have I really prepared him for this new independence?  We have talked together and I had him create a list of  stuff he still wants to know or do before heading off to school.  The list was eclectic and included a few things I can’t believe I have not shown him yet.  For example, changing a tire and a few other basic car maintenance tasks and maintianing financial records and a budget.   We have checked  much off the list and I will cover the following this weekend:   [ a bible study I glanced at from Christianity Today magazine provides the outline]


Are you or someone you know nearing the end of their high school career? If so, you know that there are many decisions right around the corner. Help them prepare with this Bible study course intended to focus on issues such as new friendships, spiritual growth, and a healthy lifestyle.

The following 7-session course will help you and your group discuss questions on how to prepare for life after high school such as:

  • What’s exciting about life after high school? What makes you nervous?
  • What would be the result of treating the Bible like a buffet from which you could pick and choose truths, versus accepting the whole as God’s Word?
  • Whom do you look to as a model of belief? Have you ever met or known a Christian who gave Christianity a bad reputation?

Session One

Rediscovering God
How to experience God the way he intended it.

Session Two

New Friendships
Experience life with frienships that matter.

Session Three

Romantic Relationships
How to receive and give love the way God intended.

Session Four

Tell Your Story
How to recognize and share your story effectively.

Session Five

A Healthy Body
Unlike a human gadget, your body was designed by God!

Session Six

Calling and Purpose
Living a life that points upward and beyond you.

Session Seven

Rest and Relaxation
Embrace God’s command to enjoy the Sabbath through fellowship and himself.


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