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Pastor Mark Driscoll

In Christian Education, Life and living on 8 August 09 at 11:57 am

One of AMiA’s newest consecrated Bishops, Doc Loomis shared this video on Facebook and I just wanted to pass it along.  Members of my family have fallen prey to the “prosperity” gospel at times and Mark’s perspective is important.  So much of what Joel proclaims is Truth; we are children of an amazing God, our hope and faith in His power and authority and grace is well founded, He desires to bless us [though not in the way we might “want” or think we “deserve”], …   And yet Joel is wrong to equate “victory” with health, wealth and joyful relationships.  In fact, as Mark clearly points out, this definition of “victory with Christ” would paint a picture of Christ  Himself as a failure.  One other thought:  Another extreme and false position is also possible.  One can accept sin and pain and poverty as one’s “lot in life” and stop striving to live fully in God’s will, to develop His giftings and serve His people, allowing others to see the Christ alive and working within them.  Are wealth and prosperity and good health sinful in and of themselves?  Of course not!  But when they become idols or goals which are elevated to higher importance than following Christ, they hinder our walk with Him.  When they become a measure of our “victory”, they blind us to the real victory of  knowing and sharing the love of Christ.     Watch the video — and share your thoughts.


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