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Problem Solving LaTeX Template

In My LaTeX Experience on 6 September 09 at 6:58 pm

Ok, so here is one more template in LaTeX which is useful for standard math and science problem solving homework.  I have just cleaned it up a little to make it a bit more generic and to highlight the problem solving strategy.  The next LaTeX blog will explore new territory — getting away from the “homework template” examples.  Of course, if someone makes a comment and has something specific they would like to see, I’ll do my novice best to post something to address the need.

HwkTemplate2 The code used to produce this .pdf file is found below.

% Physics Homework Template using MEMOIR class


%define title and other basic document info
%the title should reflect the style and give a foretaste of the document
%work on making a stylized title page — or title on a page as in ARTICLE class
\title{\huge \textbf{Ch 1 Problems}}
\author{J Edward Ladenburger}
\date{25 Aug 09}                    % could use \today  , but I like this date format better
%\publisher{}                            %one day I’ll need this  😉
%\thanks{Special thanks to God for the ability to work}        %produces a footnote to the title

%one of a number of chapter styles available…this one doesn’t use the ared color

\hrule \vspace{30pt}
\hspace{10pt} \thetitle  \vspace{30pt}
\newline \theauthor \hspace{30pt} \thedate  \vspace{26pt}

%\frontmatter    %use if needed –page numbers as lower case roman numerals i, ii,…

%%other declarations
\pagestyle{Ruled}                    %one of a number of possible page styles
\midsloppy                             %to minimize overfull lines

%Layout the page
%%Try this manual golden ratio layout or…           default seems better for now
%\semiisopage[12]                       %try this predefined layout — others predefined ones are options in MEMOIR…
%this one looked best but did not work

\checkandfixthelayout          %make the layout happen and provide details in log during build

\chapter{Chapter 1 Problems}

\section*{Problem 3}
Clearly describe the problem, writing down all information so you do not have to look at the text again. Draw sketches or tables to organize information when possible. Define variables.
Clearly state the problem.  What are you to answer?
Describe your approach here… Collect relevant theorems and laws and formulas
Perform the necessary calculations and show your reasoning.

A nicely written sentence solution goes here.



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