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Water Drop at 2000 Frames Per Second

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Mind blowing water droplets can be seen bouncing when viewed with high speed film.

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Office Hours with Randy Jirtle, a discussion about epigenetics dukeuniversity on USTREAM. Educational

In Life and living on 3 February 10 at 1:39 pm

Duke Professor Randy Jirtle provides a very clear, accessible and understandable discussion of epigenetics, a burgeoning new field which looks at environmental effects on the expression of genes; to use his analogy–the software or programs which regulate the hardware of life. He suggests that perhaps the majority of diseases are related to epigenetics, he opens up vast new fields of research, provides a fascinating look at applications to evolutionary theory and ends the discussion with a great “ponderable”. It may be the case that you are what you AND what your parents and grandparents eat/ate, since these “software” mutations may be passed on to offspring. This is a grand talk — well worth the time [~55 minutes]

a discussion about epigenetics

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First Friday Fractals :

In Ed Does Math, Music on 2 February 10 at 3:09 pm

I have always loved the connections between math, art and music. This is an event tailor made for folks with a similar passion. All I need is a full dome projection system, some computing power and my music friends to emmulate what the Fractal Foundation is doing. You should check out for more. Make me smile!

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Visualizing empires « Information visualization et al.

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Pedro M Cruz’s master thesis – a visualization of four maritime “empires” of the 19th and 20th century. Quite interesting — and if you read through comments, you can learn a bit of history.

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