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Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons (also kn...
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This is a very interesting TED talk on an ambitious project to better understand the brain.  The scope of the project of mapping the “connectome” –the sum of the connections between neurons and synapses, etc in the brain — is enormous and the potential for understanding the brain is astounding.  Although I would tend to say I am even more than my connectome from a spiritual and Christian worldview, I think you should watch the talk, it is well worth a few minutes of your day.

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Data Visualization

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A data visualization of Wikipedia as part of t...
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I really enjoy TED talks — Even if I run into a topic or speaker with which/whom I disagree, the talks are always intriguing and thought provoking.  I just listened/watched David McCandless on Data Visualization and just want to be able to do the graphics on my own.  Mathematica is one tool I can use and I sure want to explore data visualization further — especially as it relates to understanding physics and mathematics. 

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