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Sound Worship

In Music, Sound Worship on 13 February 16 at 1:43 pm

Launch Timeline

Since last summer (2015) I have been prodded by the Holy Spirit and have floated balloons about getting together with Christian musicians and worship leaders in my community to study, fellowship, create, play and ultimately give Glory to God and worship Him more effectively through music. There is a unifying aspect to the gift of music, as well as an  incredible ability for it to reach deep into our souls and touch us  intimately at emotional and spiritual levels often unreachable in other ways.  Exploring this with like minded people, as the Right Reverend Doc Loomis says, is one primary piece of a vision for pursuing the formation of the Sound Worship community group.  In delineating the vision a bit more,  I would add, active worship in spirit and in truth, teaching and disciplining, and spreading the wisdom this ecumenical group gains far and wide.

Much more regarding specific goals, strategies, and logistics will be forthcoming, but for now…a draft timeline to prepare for the launch [May 2016]:

  1. Feb. 21st: Core group of 4-12 musicians contacted, briefed, and tasked [appropriately based on gifts/aptitude/passion]  
  2. March 6th: Vision [written, ready to publish/broadcast], logo [designed], email list initiated [mail chimp? Google group? …consistent, shareable, expandable, “format” established], first venue for first gathering [secured, scheduled] , and outline for or “order of service” established — what will the meetings look like?
  3. March 20th: Invitations sent for first gathering
  4. March 27th: First event presentation and logistics — food, sound system, seating, meeting space set up — Online presence development with sharing of products — new songs, collaborative creative effort begun
  5. April 10th: Follow up invitations with full detail
  6. April 17th: Second event planning underway — leader and co-leader designated, location/space hunt underway
  7. Early May — @ consistent monthly day and time  Sound Worship Launched



First Friday Fractals :

In Ed Does Math, Music on 2 February 10 at 3:09 pm

I have always loved the connections between math, art and music. This is an event tailor made for folks with a similar passion. All I need is a full dome projection system, some computing power and my music friends to emmulate what the Fractal Foundation is doing. You should check out for more. Make me smile!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

String Music

In Music on 26 August 09 at 2:54 pm

I so want a big ‘ole stand up acoustic double bass. Of course, being able to play it like Edgar would be a plus 🙂 Check out this trio — Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Conner

Decyfer Down

In Life and living, Music on 18 August 09 at 8:56 am

A good friend is seeking support for ministry.  Josh Oliver, who I have known since he was a little guy, singing and playing with his family at Open Door Baptist Church in Morehead City, NC, is currently the drummer for Decyfer Down, a great Christian band.  Decyfer Down has accepted this calling on their lives — to spread the gospel of Christ with music.  Their style is powerful and reaches out to many would might not ever step into a church building.  They are preparing for another tour and desparately wish to bring their wives and kids along on this mission trip.  Please read the following request from Josh and respond generously!

You can contact Josh directly —   Email:  or leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you with additional details.

This is a new season for Decyfer Down as many incredible opportunities have
been given to us including a 53 city tour this fall from coast to coast.
We are writing you to ask if you would partner with us as we raise the
funds for new transportation.

In the past 10 years we have gone through 4 vans and over 800,000 miles of
driving, and as we approach this new chapter we have been given an amazing
opportunity to step into a Prevost Coach that has all the right amenities
and sleeping for 12 people.  Moving from a van to a bus is a huge step,
so we have been praying about it for the past 3 months with the
accountability partners in our lives. We have experienced numerous trials,
but also many amazing acts of God as we toured around the country sharing
the message He has given us.
God has provided us a class A CDL driver, full time mechanic and even a
parking place in just a short period of time for the bus.

We would love to take our wives and kids out on the road with us to
experience the lives touched with us.  As the ministry grows so does our
into many different communities, and the option to show up in these cities
fully rested would be an amazing feeling!

We also envision taking young men from the local community on the road for
short trips . We believe that mentoring and being an example for them
would really challenge them to live a faith filled life .

We have partnered with a bus ministry out of Nashville TN and we are
looking to raise funds to purchase the bus shown in the attachments listed

We are trying to raise $75,000 dollars for the bus and $25,000 dollars for
a bus fund and trailer.

A tax deduction through our non-profit partner is available .

We also would like to offer anyone or church that is willing to donate
$6,000 dollars or more… a special offer of:
1)      Free private Decyfer Down concert
2)      Vip Tickets to Decyfer Down Affiliated events (tours or festivals)
3)      A day in the studio as we record album number 3

Please hear our heart and pray that God will continue to use us and expand
the ministry and the calling that he has in our lives.  We look forward in
sharing with you how many hearts and lives have been greatly changed as we
continue this journey.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
on this opportunity ……

Decyfer Down - seeks support for this tour bus

Decyfer Down - seeks support for this tour bus

One Person Orchestra

In Music on 19 June 09 at 12:03 pm

A stunning performance on an electric organ -or- How can one talented woman impersonate an entire orchestra?

Check out this TED talk to see what a virtuoso organist can do with latest technology.

Organ virtuoso Qi Zhang plays her electric rendering of “Ridiculous Fellows” from Prokofiev’s “The Love for Three Oranges” orchestral suite. This exhilarating performance from TEDx USC features the Yamaha Electone Stagea, a rare, imported instrument specially programmed by Qi herself.

Qi Zhang is a Master’s candidate at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, and an award-winning international organist.

Christmas Flashback

In Life and living, Music on 22 January 09 at 4:25 pm

So here is a Christmas flashback of the new and somewhat hastily put together band whose members all work at Duke Marine Lab.  The recent snow in Beaufort, NC reminded me that I had not posted anything about the music in my life. Fact is, I love music and have played bass for fun and occasional cash since junior high school.  Filling in for a band that “fell through”,  The Lab Five Band was formed, and had this great opportunity to celebrate the holiday’s with colleagues and friends from Duke Marine Lab.

Note:  In order to see the whole video, you will need to view this post in it’s own page by clicking on the title [Christmas Flashback — in red at the top]

This year I am hoping to ramp up my time playing and enjoying music.  Look for posts about — Blind Hog, All Saint’s Praise Band, Crystal Coast Community Choir, The Southernairs, Tapestry and, of course, The Lab Five Band !