Life and Musings of Ed


In the beginning…

Some piano lessons,recorder in grade school,  middle school band on string bass, percussion too, and opportunities to go to music “camps”, play in youth symphony orchestra, high school concert and jazz band, pit orchestra for musicals, a high school rock band …


Doing a Kiss show some time around 1978

Blind Hog creates the first originals in a room above my garage filled with old Carteret Academy books and other “stuff”.  The trio continues to be a source of musical joy to me and has none of the typical trappings of excessive egos and stylistic conflict of many band start-ups.  I am enjoying playing with these two guys.

Two Thirds of Blind Hog

Two Thirds of Blind Hog

The Other Third of Blind Hog

The Other Third of Blind Hog

We have ventured out of the garage on occasion…

Blind Hog at Port City Java in Morehead City

Blind Hog at Port City Java in Morehead City

Blind Hog at BackStreet in Beaufort

Blind Hog at Back Street in Beaufort

UPDATE: March 2010 — Blind Hog has a new guitar player.  The very talented Shannon, had gotten too busy with a new home and his family.  Brad and I are now playing and creating new originals with Vaughn Branch.[pictures pending our first official performance]

UPDATE: February 2016 — Blind Hog has been inactive for awhile — now with a new guitarist Aldrich. BlindHog

There are other musical groups I have been involved with recently…

One is the All Saint’s Praise Band [still looking for a name — it was Harvest, but that was “taken” — and I need to add pictures of more recent permutations of what is now called the Worship Team]

Still Looking For A Name ;)

Still Looking For A Name 😉

A spin-off project geared toward taking primarily original music to the street, is  No Chains.  Cecil Gillikin, Eddy Kues, Phil Cole [not pictured] and I played at a Battle of the Bands concert sponsored by BigFish FM in February 2010 as a coming out event.

No Chains

No Chains [Cecil Gillikin, Eddy Kues, Ed Ladenburger; Phil Cole – not pictured

No Chains at Big Fish FM’s Battle of the Bands – with Phil Cole

A second is Carl Newton and the 5th Avenue Band which ended up including two members of the All Saint’s Worship Team and was the most “professional” working group — good pay, great venues and perks, fun music, very talented band mates, paid sound guy…


Another is The Crystal Coast Community Choir

Unfortunately – I am no longer participating with this great group (update July 2009) due to  time constraints and their very active schedule;  what a great experience to sing under Al Norwood’s leadership/direction!

You can find information about the Crystal Coast Community Choir here [not an official site]


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