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Since as early as I can remember, I have sought after truth.  Not always in as vigorous a fashion as I would now deem good and healthy, but always with a discerning attitude.  This pursuit has lead me down philosophically “new age” paths, though at the end I found nothing really new.  Feeling somewhat like the author of Ecclesiastes, I looked for truth in loving relationships, in myself, in physics and science, in ethics and religion, in music, and in just having a grand time partying.  Nothing satisfied except a heart changing relationship with Jesus Christ and an infusion of the Holy Spirit.

So what does this have to do with Christian Education?  Well, it is just that I have come to the conclusion that a truly rigorous classical liberal education, which, I will argue, is a foundational principle upon which my country was founded, is not possible outside a Christian Worldview.  Due to both deep considerations of Truth and of the end or purpose of education, I find myself less and less convinced that a secular public education can provide an adequate foundation or knowledge base.

This page reflects a dedication toward  personal exploration of issues surrounding education in general and Christian Education in particular.  I hope to connect with others wrestling with these issues.

At Prayer

At Prayer

father and son reading Scripture

father and son reading Scripture


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